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Join Us For Our   SenterME House Retreat! 

May 18th-21st '23 4-Day Stay

Premium Self-Love Replenishment

Our SenterME House Retreat is a 4-day 3-night self-love immersive experience. Join us and learn the path home to your highest self, improve your emotional wellness, and relieve stress. This truly safe space includes lakeside sister circles, pre- & post-stay consultations, and a specially curated team of wellness service providers that will transform you from within.

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Self-Love from A to Z

Inside the SenterME House, our priority is to help you experience self-love that deepens your connection with self, strengthens sisterhood, and encourages a life of ease and balance.

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Release And Replenish

This experience encourages the release and replenishment. A sacred process that grounds you in balance, self-compassion, and everlasting peace. Daily bodywork and emotional intelligence & self-love coaching help you innerstand why self-love is the gateway to our true freedom.

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Let's face it, sometimes managing expectations, impressions, relationships, businesses, and even our community can be stressful. Learning how to relieve and manage stress healthily is the best medicine. Let us show you how.

The Best Medicine

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Hot Meal

Our private chef prepares vegan meals that fuel the body with high vibrations and pure energy. You learn what high vibrational eating smells like, looks like, and feels like. You also have 24-hour access to the kitchen where you'll find alkaline snacks and beverages. 

High Vibrational Nutrition

Explore the Lakeside Experience in North Carolina


SenterME House Retreat Schedule

We are visiting cities in the mid-Atlantic region of the US (GA, SC, NC, VA) during our retreat season this year beginning in May and ending in Oct. We will offer a 4-Day or 7-Day stay inside the SenterME House in each city. When you receive an exclusive invitation you will have access to the city and booking information. The first retreat will be held on May 18-21. Future dates will be listed after our member's priority booking access window. 

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Keep It R.E.A.L. 

This exclusive retreat transforms you from within.  Our theme, Keep It R.E.A.L., is centered around emotional wellness and the energy is healing sisterhood. Join us lakeside to raise your vibrations inside the SenterME House!


You receive self-love best practices that you can use immediately to expand into your highest self! 

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