Join Our Community! 

Becoming a member of SenterME is joining a community of sisters who support one another on this journey of self-love! But there's MORE!

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Self-Love Support

Joining the SenterME community plugs you into our discussions, self-love exercises, and exclusive self-love calls giving you the support that you deserve on your self-love journey! 

Self-Love Education

Each month you will benefit from our Refresh & Reconnect Private Events where we share a workshop on self-love! You get to learn tools and systems that will help you in building your self-love environment! 

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The R.E.A.L. About Self-Love

In our community we get REAL! Self-love is a journey, and like every journey there are going to be ups and downs. But having a community that you can plug into for support, to ground you, and pour into you is essential! SenterME is here for you to help you connect with your highest self! 

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SenterME Community Goals


connect with sisters in self-love to always have the support you deserve in a self-love environment


learn more about yourself and connect deeper with your authenticity on your self-love journey


experience honest conversations & exercises that encourage growth in self-love


have access to exclusive events to learn more about mastering the 3 key elements of self-love

Receive A Complimentary Consultation!

We get to know your self-love needs!

We will explore what brought you to SenterME and what you're hoping to get from our community. 

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Celebrate You!

We want you to be celebrated and during our welcome call, you get to share what makes you so proud to be on your self-love journey! 

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Establish Community Expectations

In the SenterME community, we want you to feel safe and secure to grow on your self-love journey. It is important that we are all being respectful and open to others. 

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Is the community for you? 

At SenterME our thing is SELF-LOVE and we are dedicated to having a space only about growing and expanding on your self-love journey. If this is your goal, than this is the community for you!

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